Self-Propelled Lavender Harvester

Starr Lavender Harvester ™
by Starr Manufacturing, LLC
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Prototype Harvester Operation

Improved Starr Harvester

Current Availability

Starr Manufacturing, LLC is actively manufacturing and selling Starr Lavender Harvesters ™. Each machine is custom built to meet the needs of the buyer. Typical manufacturing time is 90 days. Call (971) 235-3804 or email for pricing and details.

Each harvester comes standard with a cutting height range of 10” to 22”. If plants are mounded, our harvesters can be modified to accommodate the mounding height. Contact us for other needed modifications.

Our standard power plant is a Honda GX 690 OHV V-twin, 688 cc engine. We are now offering Kohler fuel injected gas and propane engines at a slightly higher cost.

Used Harvesters for Sale

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Used harvester
Modified Harvester

Eagle Creek Lavender

Our Story


As owners and operators of a 12 acre lavender farm in western Oregon, we found the need for a harvester that would increase our productivity and decrease the labor of hand harvesting.

After searching worldwide and finding nothing suitable to our needs, we designed the Starr Lavender HarvesterTM
It is purpose-built for the small-medium sized farm and can be easily operated by two persons (or even one, if needed.)

In terms of labor-savings, our 600 foot rows normally take 8 hours to hand harvest. With the Starr Lavender Harvester™ we can now cut a row in just 15 minutes.

The Starr Lavender Harvester™ features heavy-duty construction and is designed for years of trouble-free use.

We look forward to discussing your needs.

Bill Jabs

Starr Lavender Harvester™

Key Features


  • Self-propelled with a 25 h.p. Honda gas engine.
  • All moving parts are hydraulically controlled.
  • 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering with steering wheel control.
  • Variable travel speed from approximately 0.5 to 5 mph.
  • Standard machine ground clearance of approximately 22 inches (over the lavender plants).
  • Standard cutting height– 10 inches to approximately 22” with hydraulic controls. Custom heights available.
  • Sickle bar cutter cutting head, hydraulically driven.
  • 20” conveyor with variable speed control.
  • Available with rear platform for agricultural bags or rear hitch to pull a trailer mounted tub.
  • Front forks adjustable for varying plant widths.
  • Each harvester is custom built to meet customer needs.

Starr Lavender Harvester Gallery

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Bill, a retired civil engineer has always wanted to be a farmer.

Moving to a 20 acre property in Eagle Creek created the setting, but Christmas trees did not prove to be a good agricultural adventure.

After years of research and evaluating options, he decided to create a lavender farm.



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